About Us

Research and development of skin and hair care products has being part of my entire professional carrier as a scientist. I worked for R&D at Johnson & Johnson as a scientist in the past, also I had the opportunity to work in quality control at DSM company in the USA. Most recently I accomplished my PhD in Science in collaboration with Rutgers University in New Jersey USA.

Minera naturals was established as a result of my passion for natural ingredients and the knowledgeable combination of them for your skin and hair care routine.

The name Minera was inspired by my PhD research where I accomplished my project about the use of clay minerals as a controlled delivery system for skin care actives. In addition, environmental awareness has reflected in an increased interest in the use of clay minerals, because they cause no harm to the environment after disposal and can be easily found everywhere.

In collaboration with other researchers I have published a scientific paper at International Journal of Pharmaceutics about clay minerals. Check it out if you are interested: 


Title: Clay minerals: properties and applications to dermocosmetic products and perspectives of natural raw materials for therapeutic purposes—a review

Minera naturals is inspired by nature, and we are committed with the development of quality natural products for you and your loved ones using high quality and ethically sourced natural ingredients.

Minera naturals values stand for:


- Jemima Shultz (Minera naturals owner / PhD in Science)