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Calming Baby Combo
Calming Baby Combo
Calming Baby Combo


Calming Baby Combo

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This combo comes with
1 Calming Baby Lavender & Chamomile Soap
Our baby all natural soap has extra virgin olive oil as the primary ingredient, the secondary ingredient is lavender and organic chamomile infused oil, the soap is lightly scented with high quality pure chamomile and lavender essential oils, these essential oils are well known as the most gentle and safe for babies. Also, it has fresh goat milk which make the soap more mild for babies and creates a creamy lather during the shower. 
1 Baby Lotion Bar Lavender & Chamomile
Minera naturals baby lotion bar is nourished with lavender/chamomile infused oil and cocoa butter. It has a very light scent of chamomile and lavender essential oil blend. It also contains colloidal oatmeal, which helps to keep the baby skin moisturized and protected.