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Shower Oils (it goes from an oil to a light foam)

Shower Oils (it goes from an oil to a light foam)

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Shower oils can be used in the shower or bath. As you apply on the skin you can feel it’s an oil, but as soon as the water drops on, it starts creating a foaming light lotion and moisturizing lather. It is the perfect balance for cleansing and moisturizing, without the oily or greasy feeling after washing off. If you are a more practical person and skip lotions and creams, this product is for you!

Mineral Oil Free! Vegan! Scented 100% with essential oils.


High oleic sunflower oil, coconut MTC oil, sweet almond oil, cocamidopropyl betaine, essential oils, phenoxyethanol (and) caprylyl glycol (and) sorbic acid, vitamin E.

Directions: shake the bottle couple times before ever use, apply the product directly on your wet body and works the lather all over your body or if you prefer apply the product on a soft shower sponge and works the lather on it first then rub the sponge on your body. Wash off your body with water, you will feel your skin silk and soft. Enjoy! 

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