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Women's Shaving Bar

Women's Shaving Bar

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Floral and fruity aroma, our feminine shaving bar has a creamy and thick lather! 

Use it inside the tin case or take it to your shaving bowl or mug and begin to swirl. As you are doing this, dip the tip of your shaving brush into some warm/hot water to add hydration to the lather. You want to add enough water to get your shaving soap, so it doesn’t look or feel dry, but go slowly, just a few drops at a time is enough.
If you prefer to skip the shaving bowl or mug, extra utensil, and create your lather right on your legs (or in your palm). You use the same steps as above, swirling the brush on your legs and slowly adding water a drop or two at a time.
coconut oil*, certified sustainable palm oil, non-GMO canola oil*, castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, unrefined cocoa butter*, avocado oil, sodium hydroxide, water, coconut milk*,        arrowroot powder*, bentonite clay, pink clay, essential oil blend of sweet orange, geranium, and jasmine. (*) Organic
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